Sunday, August 29, 2010

Smoke Odor Removal

If you've been scanning the internet for solutions to your smoke odor problem you've no doubt come across several sites suggesting a range of DIY solutions from lemons to vinegar. For anyone living with smoke odor issues, you know that a bowl of baking soda  is unlikely to have a serious impact on such a pervasive odor problem.

In desperation, many people turn to odor removing sprays or gel-type deodorizers. These products can't remove odor, they only mask the smell with chemicals agents and actually worsen your indoor air quality. The only product with the ability to “soak up” cigarette smoke odor is activated carbon (also described online as charcoal).

As experts in chemical and odor removal, AllerAir's designers created a special series of smoke removing air purifiers. These air cleaners not only feature 24 to 36 lbs. of activated carbon (a material used by the military for the world's most hazardous airborne pollutants),  but a unique tar-trapping pre-filter. Without this special feature, the filters of an air cleaner would eventually get clogged by sticky tar particles.

If you're a smoker or living in a building that has smoke odor issues, you need a serious solution. Visit our website for more information on our smoke removing air purifiers or chat live with one of our air quality experts to get instant answers to your air quality questions.

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