Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Air Quality and Toxic Releases State by State: Benezene, Dioxins, Lead, Mercury, TCE

I discovered a great map on CNN's Toxic Ameria site that shows the airborne emissions of the most widespread and toxic chemicals that we're currently breathing on a daily basis basis including: Benzene, Dioxins, Lead and Lead Compounds, Mercury and Mercury Compounds as well as TCE (trichloroethylene).

All of these compounds have been associated with serious health effects including cancer and birth defects.

Many people aren't aware that a serious home air cleaner with a deep-bed activated carbon filter can remove these types of very serious airborne pollutants. In fact, our units are so reliable for airborne chemicals we've sold them to the U.S. Military, NASA and universities like M.I.T - as well as thousands of American families! See our filtration video.

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