Thursday, May 13, 2010

AllerAir is Spreading MCS Awareness (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)

This May, AllerAir is supporting Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chemical Injury Associations worldwide in their effort to spread Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome awareness.

AllerAir will make chemical awareness tips and a $50.00 gift certificate available via their website at The gift certificate is valid until June 15, 2010 and can be used towards the purchase of any unit. Additionally, their blogs and articles will be dedicated to Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and chemical awareness topics for the month of May.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities affect over 48 million Americans. The onset of this debilitating medical condition can cause an allergy-like reaction to even low levels of chemical exposure. Often referred to as Toxic Injury or Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome, the onset of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities depends on either a single highly toxic chemical encounter, or repeated low-level chemical exposures.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome hits close to home for AllerAir president, Sam Teitelbaum. He discovered the reality of chemical injury when a close relative was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities in 1990. Since then, Sam has made it his mission to provide the chemically sensitive with the most inert air purifiers available.

According to Sam, "There are millions of people suffering today because of chemical injury and poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). At AllerAir, we are committed to air quality education and chemical injury prevention and relief. Millions of people have been affected by multiple chemical sensitivities, but the proliferation of airborne chemicals means that millions more will suffer unless we take stock of our indoor air quality."

A Cornell study in 2007 revealed that over 3 million tons of toxins and hazardous chemicals are released into the air annually. This does not include the pesticides used indoors, nor the hundreds of carcinogens found in cleaning products, fragrances and cosmetics. This May, learn more about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome, and how to protect your family.

AllerAir Since 1996

AllerAir's smart design solutions provide the most effective balance of performance, safety, quality and price. AllerAir air purifiers are equipped with many pounds of activated carbon, which is proven to be the most efficient way to treat toxic chemicals and gases. AllerAir's Multiple Chemical Sensitivity air purifiers are built with the most inert products, and clients are able to test and select their own carbon with the carbon test kit. Chemical exposure is linked to organ and central immune system damage, respiratory disorders and cancer.

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