Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Air Purifier Reviews - AllerAir

We take the responsibility of providing clean air and air purifiers for the home  very seriously at AllerAir. So it's especially gratifying for the staff when we hear about all of the home-owners who love our units. These are a few of the air purifier reviews I found today:

"Research carefully and you will discover that AllerAir is and has been always at the top of best models. It is one this writer recommends for optimal health. Whatever you decide upon, your family needs clean air and this is something not to be ignored."

"This Air Purifier made a big difference. We had a paint-type chemical smell in our house from some toxic sealant used on our floors and other outgassing. It definitely reduced the smell and was easy to move around on the wheels."

"The allerair 5000 is a fantastic air purifier. Within 15 minutes of turning it on the entire house is essentially beautifully filtered clean air. No paint or other types of chemicals, dust, or allergens. I have conditional mcs and the filtration allows me a very much needed normal homelife. On the low setting the product is barely audible. It becomes quit loud though on the two higher settings."

Editor's note: Yes the higher speeds are louder; however we recommend that the two higher settings are used for a quick room clean-out only. Air purifiers with deep-bed activated carbon filters actually work better on the lowest setting because the air "dwells" longer in the carbon filter, allowing more chemicals, gases and odors to be trapped. Our units are actually designed to be used 24/7 on low and only use about as much energy as a 40 watt light bulb!

Thanks for the great reviews!

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