Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Vog: Air Quality Experts Warn that Wrong Air Purifiers Provide False Sense of Security

Indoor Air Quality Experts are warning Hawaii residents that choosing the wrong air purifier to deal with increasingly dangerous amounts of vog being emitted by the Kilauea Volcano can lead to a false sense of security for people trying to safeguard themselves from the health dangers of volcanic smog.

“We see this time and time again,” said Chemical Engineer and Indoor Air Quality Expert, Karen Hand. “People living through serious natural disasters are provided with air purifiers that are easy-sales, but that are not designed to purify indoor air of chemicals and gases—- the very toxins that are most dangerous to a person’s health.”

“When you’re dealing with vog, the composition is primarily of sulfuric acid and other sulfate compounds, but you’re also dealing with small amounts of toxic metals, including selenium, mercury, arsenic and iridium,” said Hand, from AllerAir Industries. “The fact that people are having serious health reactions to this is not surprising—- it’s a deadly combination.”

Hand says only air purifiers combing a HEPA filter and large amounts (at least 18 pounds) of activated, granular carbon will be effective in adsorbing the the noxious sulfur dioxide and other pollutants emitted from Kilauea Volcano.

Hand works with a team of Indoor Quality Experts at AllerAir Industries, an air purifying company that has been designing air cleaners for close to 15 years. “Crisis management is our forte,” she said. “We’ve delivered solutions to mold victims in New Orleans, wildfire victims in California—even air quality solutions to athletes participating in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Chemical and gas remediation is what we do.”

Vog victims are invited to contact one of AllerAir Indoor Air Quality Experts at 1-888-852-8247 or visit their website for more information of the dangers of vog, and finding the right air purifying solution.

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